Sammenlign to typer smykkeskrinet

Sammenlign to typer smykkeskrinet

There are two kinds of popular jewelry box gift packaging, The drawer sliding jewelry box, and magnetic plastic/velvet/leather covered jewelry box.

How to compare these two types of packaging?
We can analyze their cost, outlook, grade, and quality, so that you may know which one is more suitable for you.

First, let’s discuss the usual jewelry plastic box:
1. There is no doubt that a flip plastic jewelry box will give a great feeling to the customer who received your jewelry.
2. If you choose the plastic-covered material jewelry packaging, you should know that their volume is larger than others and will take up much space.
3. The cost of plastic covering other material jewelry packaging will be higher than the paper sliding jewelry packaging, because its mold is fixed, and if you want to customize your size, the mold fee has a cost.

Second is the drawer jewelry box
1. Size is small but size can be customized for hand chains, bracelets, bangles, and other jewelry. Especially for the rings, the box will be smaller.
2. The benefit for you in choosing a drawer box is the use of the space, giving our customers an exquisite feeling.
3. The cost of a paper-drawer jewelry box is much cheaper too

The above mentions are differences between these two kinds of most popular jewelry packaging.
Besides plastic jewelry packaging and sliding jewelry box, we also have a lid and base jewel gift box. We will introduce ourselves to you later so that you can get familiar more about the packaging industry.

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